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What Will a DUI Attorney Do For You?

  • Let's face it--we've all gotten behind the wheel soon after drinks at one time or another. You've volunteered to operate a vehicle your friends to dinner and thought you would be fine to operate a vehicle despite that third glass of vino. Or maybe you had a last-minute business meeting that transitioned for the bar across the road prior to being time for you to clarify.


    Usually you see that you are OK to drive--you made certain you can eat an additional bread roll or double on your drinking habits. When a cop pulls you over for a broken taillight and then changes his mind and decides to try you having a Breathalyzer, what should you do? You need to understand your rights after which call a DUI attorney.

    For instance, were you aware that a recently available decision passed from the US Supreme court now requires police officers to get a warrant before drawing blood from a person suspected of driving while intoxicated? When Tyler McNeely was stopped on suspicion of dui in Missouri, he failed four in the five field sobriety tests that the arresting officer conducted after which refused a Breathalyzer test. Arguing that alcohol dissipates rapidly from the blood stream and that it was necessary to draw blood in order to preserve any evidence against McNeely, the officer unilaterally forced McNeely to possess his blood taken with a phlebotomist. Fortunately for several Americans, however, the 4th Amendment with the Constitution requires a threshold degree of "reasonableness" before law enforcement officials can undertake warrantless searches and seizures.

    A DUI attorney may also be aware of breaking developments appearing out of the NTSB, the company which is in charge of the actual "legal limit" of a 0.08 blood alcohol level. At this moment, that agency is debating decreasing the legal limit to 0.05, taking that three-drink minimum you've always observed right down to two. While drunk driving isn't OK and buzzed driving is practically as dangerous (people with the 0.08 limit are 169 percent prone to cause any sort of accident), an amazing alternation in the legal limit is essential that you can know. As a responsible social drinker, you realize your limit and also have been driving accordingly for the entire life. What can happen once the legal limit suddenly drops and also you get about the wrong side in the law?

    Your DUI attorney has become closely following cases and administrative actions like this to make certain that you have a fair shake inside the justice system. With no knowledge of such new precedent backing you up, the next time you will get when driving after Happy Hour you might end up facing a needle! Hiring a DUI attorney won't lend your case the legal expertise it needs to challenge a real procedure, it will help you save time and money because your attorney works 24 hours a day for you personally, liberating every day to revisit work or spend time with all your family members.
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