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Former Redskin is often a Driving Force Behind Madden 18
  • Even among one of the most die-hard of Redskins fans may perhaps not bear in mind offensive tackle Clint Oldenburg, who was within the Redskins organization 2010, but below no situations appeared inside a game.

    But his impact about the game will tremendously exceed most of his a great deal much more achieved teammates - at the pretty least within the virtual NFL.

    Thinking about the fact that leaving the group, Oldenburg took an internship with EA Sports and has risen up the corporate ladder, 1st operating around the company's NCAA game and now focusing on the almighty Madden coins franchise.

    His essential contribution for the game has been assisting to create it much more realistic and genuine, which could be why it continues to be so well-liked. He was lately featured within the Orlando Sentinel and talked about how far he's come thinking of the truth that transitioning from the game to gaming.

    "When I initially got to Electronic Arts, that was who I was," he pointed out. "I would get depressed when I missed a exercise. But I had to find out that I am not receiving paid to function out anymore. That was an huge adjustment.

    "Now I am extensively regarded as a game-play guy."

    Despite the fact that Oldenburg only ever appeared in two NFL games, both in 2007 with all the New York Jets, he was fantastic adequate to hang about. Basically, when he decided to remain on with EA Sports, it was turning down an invitation to attempt out together with the Canadian Football League.

    That is certainly not a choice that most players could make chasing the dream. But it really is worked out OK for him thinking of that. At the same time as latching onto a substantial sports franchise of a distinct sort, he also met his wife operating for the corporation.

    "I was often a roster-bubble guy, questioning if I'd be reduce or not," Oldenburg stated."That grinded (sic) on me. It was hard for the purpose that I nonetheless believed I could play the game if I stayed wholesome. But I wasn't acquiring any younger."

    And now you can buy mut 18 coins answer the burning query of, "I wonder what Clint Oldenburg is as much as now?"