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The look for World of Warcraft's most recent secret mount, Lucid Nightmare, has begun
  • Although fighting in Legion PvP may well boost your character's Prestige level, WoW players know that actual prestige comes from having the newest, hardest-to-acquire cheap wow gold mount. And so the announcement of a new hidden mount within the most up-to-date patch (7.3) is undoubtedly of interest. In line with the Wowhead listing, the new Lucid Nightmare mount will drop from the aptly named "Puzzler's Desire".

    See how the previous secret Mind-Worm mount was found by World of Warcraft treasure hunters in just two weeks.

    Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel - @Muffinus on Twitter - is staying mum. "We will by no means supply any hints. Practically nothing we say or have mentioned will likely be a hint. You don't ought to stick to us on Twitter to play the game." What you could need to do if you want to be among the first to find the secret mount, on the other hand, is usually to hyperlink up using the WoW Secret Obtaining Discord Group, who're already gathering plenty of clues. read more

    The very first clue identified so far is an Inconspicuous Note which shows a smoke-befogged purple brain surrounded by chains. A Rusty Lever in Ulduar also appears to activate a large light grid, once the player has study the aforementioned Inconspicuous Note. Extra notes are becoming gathered within the Puzzler's Need Google Doc, for those who wish to follow along.