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Star Wars: The Old Republic Hosting A Screenshot and Referral Weekend
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is hosting a Screenshot and Referral Weekend starting today, inviting players to share both their characters and stronghold's appears. Fans who want to participate will have to head to Reddit to share, and will be essential to post a unique image to a single that has been posted previously.

    The neighborhood post states that it doesn't have to be your gear, stronghold or a screenshot. Should you have located a single your self which you find cheap SWTOR Credits exciting, then you definitely are also encouraged to do so too as giving a hyperlink to the supply with the screenshot if it isn't yours.

    The post also reveals some suggestions on how you may take element. One example is, to hide your UI, press alt+z, and to take an in-game screencap, simply press the Print Screen button. If you're seeking for the default folder for screenshots, you are able to find it in Documents Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshots. Fans need to also endeavor to uncover an area with decent lighting to compliment your gear, with sunny planets proving to become the very best ideal. If you're posting gear, then you definitely ought to post a list of what they are wearing, even though this is not mandatory.

    Participating players really should also post their referral link. This enables players to invite close friends to play premium as a way to earn SWTOR Credits cartel coins, Speeders, Battle Droids and much more.

    Head more than to Reddit right here for additional information and facts and show off your screenshots!