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NBA 2K18 glitch shows Draymond Green sitting on Kevin Durant's lap
  • With NBA2K18(NBA 2K18 MT) nonetheless in its early days, some glitches can still be expected from it, plus the developers are keeping track of them as a way to address them all the soonest. Having said that, on the list of extra bizarre ones was noticed not too long ago, as its photo has already been creating its rounds on the net.

    A photo was shared by Reddittor g3peddie, exactly where it may be clearly seen that Draymond Green is having too comfy sitting on Kevin Durant's lap.

    Durant had an enormous component in bringing the Warriors the gift of an NBA title, but he's no Santa Claus for Green to sit on his lap.

    It really is no secret that the two have had a strong bond considering the fact that they began playing final summer season for Group USA, and ultimately as teammates together with the Golden State Warriors, however the glitch undoubtedly shows some thing that they aren't expected to do in genuine life. It is also unsafe for them to become placing all their weight on a foldable chair, as they could quickly attain 500 lbs, and destroy it.

    These glitches is usually viewed as as developing pains for the newly released video game, but after all fixed, NBA 2K18 may be the top 1 but for 2K Sports.