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Read About the Innovative Virtual Reality Helmet HTC Vive

  • Glasses or a helmet of the virtual reality is a gadget that permits you not only to see the image (video), but additionally to immerse your self in what is occurring by obtaining a 3 dimensional picture. Such products have the visual appeal of a container with lenses or a plastic case equipped with a screen with a partition. A picture is shown on the monitor, independent per eye, which enables you to have a "stay" in virtual reality.


    For now in the market it is possible to get the large choice of helmets and glasses of a virtual reality for smartphones. Manufacturers have stepped far in advance and transformed an unpleasant box with lens into a device which is very easily and securely connected to the head, allows you to fine-tune the image, set up the phone and run a movie or game in a couple of seconds. The product is equipped with aspherical lens, which can be altered, approaching or distancing them from your eyes. The image that the person views is fed from the smart phone, and also the picture quality will depend on the display screen resolution and colour rendering. In advanced versions you'll be able to download and watch movies, videos, distribute pictures and pass games in a different genre.

    Basic principles of the virtual helmet (glasses) for computers are similar to those for smartphones. The primary difference is in the fact that picture is sent to the display screen of glasses. To do this, you need to connect them to the computer using a wire. The image is sent through HDMI, and also the gyro connection is made via a USB cable. Audio could be fed from both loudspeakers and headphones. To utilize the glasses, you will have to install the required applications and programs which are free of charge or offered in online retailers from the manufacturer.

    The virtual reality helmet HTC Vive is currently the most advanced helmet on the market. HTC Vive is a virtual reality helmet that's created in the joint manufacture of HTC and Valve Corporation. Valve for virtual reality glasses developed controllers that provide the gamer a deeper effect of dipping in the virtual world through providing an additional method of manipulating in virtual space. The principle of action can be compared with PS Move. They respond to motion in space, to turn, tilt, consider the acceleration and speed of motion. If you are searching to obtain HTC Vive virtual glasses in Israel, find out more about them in a YouTube video.
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