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LED Display Becomes New Force in Media
  • LED display becomes new force on television, big-screen LED has been LED the introduction of key components with the area, a substantial entertainment, sports events, the theme displays important section of the square, with use of new technology, new forms emerging outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising display media should be timely. In all of the advertising media, outdoor advertising is among the most ancient forms of media. It along with the birth from the trade at the same time and rooted within the city, and city people's economic, cultural and social lives, it's the brand name products with the media, it's also a beautiful urban prosperity developed. These characteristics make up the outdoor media unique and irreplaceable value.

    The new outdoor media: LED large screen irreplaceable LED full colour display is the 1990s on the planet quickly developed new information display media, it combines present day high-tech, with energy-saving, environmental protection, colorful, can present dynamic picture and text, Visual range, plus a number of advantages.


    Outdoor LED screen advertising screen area, Visual effects, can fully attract the audience's eye, is a media and high technology of an new medicine. Led display media also has a legitimate arrival rate of ads, and television, newspapers as well as other media varieties of comparison, the value is pretty low. These unique value makes the led display media logically had become the new outdoor media. Including the Usa and Las CBD and Japan Tokyo Ginza's vast swathe of LED screen not just advertising marketing features, is another world-renowned indication of the large enterprise identity - within a dominant position within the industry with the enterprise could broadcast advertising here, and to put broadcast advertising of enterprises are making people feel its brand position in the world.

    And also the traditional outdoor media, led display is not only just simple outdoor media, what's more, it combines TV and other media properties and advantages. And, led display isn't just simple outdoor media and television media, it's got greater creativity and more extensive and consumers of temporal and spatial interaction and communication, can be three-dimensional space to meet the individualized needs together with the thought of communication within the digital age, is a unique form of screen.

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