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The Walking Dead Preview
  • In the era of entertainment where vampires and crime dramas are center stage, the spot that the hell are common the zombies? Were in definite demand of an apocalyptic setting, and AMC is scheduled to supply us just that with its upcoming series The Walking Dead. Airing Halloween party, The Walking Dead will depend on a lengthy running comic strip series written by Robert Kirkman. The comics Center on the trials and tribulations of Rick Grimes plus a small selection of of survivors after the zombie outbreak. What starts being a simple journey to find his wife and son, the series quickly develops in a story of betrayal and survival in the world of psychopaths and killers.

    Initially emerge Kentucky, Grimes, an operating the suburbs officer, is wounded inside a gun fight with a fugitive. Falling right into a coma, he later wakes in his hospital bed lost and The walking dead of the recent developments which may have befallen the planet. He eventually meets a well used man and his son, and decides to line out for Atlanta to find their own family. Even though this stunt nearly gets him killed, he eventually meets track of a ragtag band of survivors which is reunited in reference to his wife and son. There after, The Walking Dead becomes a quest through hell and water to guide a party of tired, homesick, desperate website visitors to salvation.

    One defining feature with the comic series will be the number of internal struggle and strife between your survivors. On this planet of decay, situations are very difficult to reside in with, and probabilities of survival are restricted. Everybody in the story is painfully alert to this fact (one chief technique of avoiding zombies should be to rub yourself with their meat), also it wears on them day in and time out. It may be a fantastic disservice on the books if your television series won't bring this to your forefront. They should show lots of struggle, besides while using masses of undead but within each character likewise.


    It truly is interesting to note that in the recent interview with Robert Kirkman, he let slip there is going to be some non-comic story elements worked in, as well as the series can finish on getting some sort of cliffhanger that wasn't featured from the comics. If anything, it's going to be interesting to see what sort of new areas of the storyline will likely be integrated into the six episode series.

    The characters inside the story are dynamic, and most in the series involves dialog between survivors. The characters with this story leave equally fast since they appear, and also the story is loaded with interesting twists and turns. It is just a fantastic story, and I believe when you watch one episode you can be hooked. No hand glowing fairies or southern vampires here, just brainless flesh-consuming hordes with the undead. If you feel the Shawshank Redemption blended with zombies and psychopaths looks like your form of thing, this show are going to be to suit your needs.

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