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Things to Do in Beirut
  • Since 1989, Lebanon's capital Beirut has become slowly rebuilding itself after the long term civil war. Now, they have rejuvenated itself and is also again just about the most predominant cultural cities in the Middle East.

    Today's Beirut is divided up into several districts, including a place that's dominated by bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as an position for shopping. There's 2 districts which have beaches in, only one of them is made for public use, although that beach does have sand.

    Lebanon is extremely European in attitude after being under French rule for therefore long, and lots of with the general courtesies you would use within a European country may be used here.

    For daytime entertainment there are museums and galleries charting some of Beirut and Lebanon's history, in addition to their centuries old have trouble with other empires. Additionally, there are parks and squares where one can enjoy local cafes and boutiques, or merely watch Lebanese life.

    On the non-sandy beaches, you'll find schools and leisure resorts which provide various treatments or day passes. Also there is a challenging course, as well as a horse racing venue. The greater adventurous might wish to try snorkeling at a lots of shipwrecks from the coast.


    Beirut has seen its amount of modern malls increase in the past few years. Most Western brands are represented there now, along with the feel of the malls is quite familiar. For the more conventional shopping experience, try the souks that offer jewellery, clothes spices and also imitation what you should tempt the tourists into parting using money. Beirut is really a town where bargaining rules - so be sure that you haggle a hardship on your goods.

    Lebanese food is as healthy as any Mediterranean food you'll probably taste. The original Lebanese Mezze is really a mixture of 30 dishes that may be just as much about a social gathering out of the box concerning the spectacular food. Generally it is cheap to consume out, and if you're stuck for time you are able to eat on the run having a street vendor.

    Stepping out of the location provides tourist a lot of countryside to check out, of course, if the desire walks you as well as the month or year is correct, you are able to ski using one of the 6 slopes there.

    Beirut supplies a very diverse holiday experience for all types of tourists.

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