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How you can Create a Promotion Video for Your Internet business
  • Many people believe online video marketing is only a passing fad and it's really effectiveness will ultimately run it's course. If you ask me this sounds plain ludicrous. It might have already been like someone saying Half a century ago that TV was only a passing fad. Movie is a powerful method for communicating and I predict that it carry on growing on the next several years.

    In this post I am going to provide a few methods for using creating videos to your promotional initiatives.

    Ideally your video should display a hyperlink aimed at your website at the beginning and end. I personally use video intro and outro clips which contain Whiteboard Video of my website. I sandwich my content video in between. For the video's content, you should use the narrated Powerpoint presentation or an actual video people teaching. It depends which method you are equipped to accomplish and proficient at doing. Additionally, it is dependent upon that which you are teaching. Some videos may require screenshots or images. And so the live recording wouldn't operate in these cases. I have discovered that all type of video works equally efficiently for generating traffic to my websites. The Powerpoint method requires a bit longer because you have to do more work (creating slides and recording voice). It is your video's content that's key.


    Lets discuss the content of one's video. During your teaching, focus on one main theme. Avoid using a shotgun approach and attempt to cover a lot of information. It's more advantageous to produce multiple videos - each using one topic. I really do encourage you though, to give up the maximum amount of valuable information as you can. This may greatly increase your credibility with viewers while increasing your odds of converting viewers into customers. Make use of a good call to action at the end of your video, but don't be too salesy. You will need viewers to walk away using the feeing they received good, valuable information and wasn't pitched to.

    Finally, write an excellent description of the video and include a hyperlink to your lead capture page or website as near to the peak as possible. I would recommend making your link look natural by placing it inside the first sentence of your description. Include 5 or 6 keyword tags that are related in your video's content.

    Don't submit your video to many sharing sites since this looks spammy for the search engines like google and you will then get penalized for having duplicate videos. I suggest submitting each video to only one site. Perform a search in order to find the very best five sites and alternate your submissions to each and every.

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