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    The ability to deflect responsibility onto one time allies and then
    disown them has been a hallmark of the 79 year old Swiss administrator's
    term in office.And Swiss police launched a dawn raid on FIFA
    headquarters to seize data and documentation as they investigate the
    already tarnished 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests.It's not the
    first time Swiss investigators have come looking for evidence in a FIFA
    probe. That happened in a 2005 kickbacks case.But the timing of this
    raid could not be worse for Blatter.It comes only two days before he
    goes up against FIFA vice president Prince Ali of Jordan in the first
    contested election for the FIFA presidency since 2002.Blatter hid away
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    confederations, while sending out a spokesman to defend him in front of
    the media on the darkest day in FIFA's 111 year history.Media chief
    Walter de Gregorio seemed bemused by any suggestions Blatter should be
    considering his position, only accepting that his leader's "stress
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    happy man today saying, 'That's really cool what happened,'" De Gregorio
    said. "But this is the consequence of what we initiated. It suggests
    Blatter was sure the finger of suspicion would not fall on him.Now, with
    an election to be won, FIFA is trying to accentuate Blatter's role as
    the person to lead attempts to banish soccer of its "devils" a word he
    has used in the past and clean up the "Beautiful Game."It is a
    mission Blatter suggested in December was ordained by God."I believe in
    the Lord," the staunch Catholic said. "From time to time he tells me I
    can go directly to the Vatican. I will bring back FIFA."Blatter is
    credited with turning FIFA into a commercial behemoth. The $5 billion
    quadrennial World Cup is a magnet for fans, broadcasters and sponsors,
    funding handouts for the 209 national associations, many of whom are
    indebted to Blatter for FIFA's generosity.After working for athletics
    and ice hockey federations in Switzerland, Blatter was brought into FIFA
    by Adidas to work on development projects funded by Coca Cola in the
    1970s."Blatter became FIFA employee number 12," read a FIFA portrait of
    its president in the in house magazine last year. "A fact that still
    rankles with him today as the 12th man in a football team is a
    substitute."Blatter made sure he would always have a place in FIFA by
    overseeing, as general secretary, the rapid commercial expansion of
    world soccer."Blatter was a living example of globalization before it
    became an economic catchphrase," read the fawning FIFA profile, which
    describes the president as "multilingual, eloquent, quick witted, savvy,
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