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Form groups that has a player whose character
  • using their combat skills to defeat enemies, which drop different types of loot. The dropped loot can be sold to vendors or to other players when using the Grand Exchange, a sale-type system. Before i forget - through the use of LootShare, that permits someone to form groups with another player and split the dropped items, which can then be sold. LootShare is especially helpful to players with a lower level, since they can join an increased-level player and find better loot.

    Form groups that has a player whose character is in a better level than yours. Without a pal who plays, ask a player within your clan if he'll spend playtime with you. Visit a space the location where the monsters are near to the higher level of your teammate. It's okay when stronger than you- -- you won't be fighting. Stay within 16 squares on the other player when they fight. This will just remember to are viewed as part of the battle and qualified to receive your share of the loot. Sell your loot for the Grand Exchange.

    Visit Lumbridge. Oahu is the kingdom of Misthalin and is the place where new players start the game. Kill chickens and cattle inside the farms surrounding Lumbridge. Happen to be higher-level dungeons and areas and continue the tactic of fighting monsters and collecting loot. At level 20, it's also possible to do player-vs. -player (PVP) combat and earn very valuable loot drops. fifatd159

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