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Start of the buy fifa account game 3 minutes
  • Start of the buy fifa account game 3 minutes, the ball was tipped Kudiniao front, Liverpool won a free kick opportunity frontier arc, Gerrard curve ball misses the target. 12 minutes, La Lana frontcourt speed forward, turned and shot stopping at one go, but unfortunately shot higher. 22 minutes, Arsenal's cross from the left, shakes Leipzig restricted Giroux goalkeeper catching that.

    The first 30 minutes, Liverpool fought back, Kudiniao ball to the frontier closed area long-range kicker, the ball was Szczsny. 35 minutes, Gerrard straight Saimaa Marko Popovich, who closed within singled goalkeeper out of defense, but unfortunately shot Szczsny seal the bottom line.

    Match the first 45 minutes, Liverpool took the lead to break the deadlock. Giroux return errors, Henderson cross Kudiniao, which closed in the neutral low shot kicked, the ball bounced in the inside of the left goal post bomb net. Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal. Just 2 minutes later, Arsenal free kick into the box, after two consecutive header ferry, Debu Xi ball into the top left corner. Half-time, Liverpool and Arsenal temporarily 1-1.