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Half of the fut coins account game continues
  • Half of the fut coins account game continues, 48 minutes, Steven Gerrard free kick into the box was rescue, restricted area outside the long-range pity Kudiniao hit fly ball. 51 minutes, Marsh Patel was inadvertently scratched head studs Giroux, emergency stitches. 60 minutes, Lucas shoots large restricted line does not suppress. 63 minutes. Giroux floater position curling shot wide of the left post.

    65 minutes, Giroux Road Closed do fulcrum point shot, followed by Picasso back pass, Giroux Tui complete break easily. Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal. 70 minutes, Gerrard continuous feet long shots are easy to get goalkeeper. The first 75 minutes, both inside and outside of area Lucas instep shot just wide. 88 minutes, Borigni may pass like a small angle shot blocked by goalkeeper bottom line.