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There are three types of mini robot vacuum cleaner
  • The cleaners for the above ground pools are
    cheaper than the cleaner for the in-ground pools. Above ground smart vacuum cleaner
    should work as well as the in-ground cleaners; however with above ground pools
    the initial installation cost is often times skimped on. By cutting some
    corners a strain can be placed on the pool filter, the pump system, and the
    cleaner. Before you invest in an above ground cleaner, make sure your pool
    filter and pump system are working at their optimum level.

    There are three types of mini robot
    vacuum cleaner
    you will find on the market. The first one is the
    Suction-side. This cleaner uses the suction of the pool filter to create a
    vacuum for the cleaner. This is probably the cheapest and easiest to use of all
    the cleaners. Large debris will clog the skimmer, and you may have to adjust
    the different settings and set-ups before you get the coverage area you need.
    In your pool if you have more dirt than large debris the suction side is the
    best cleaner for you. This pool cleaner is the best option for the smaller pool
    owner because it is inexpensive and reliable.