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While the automatic carpet cleaner your floor
  • While the automatic carpet cleaner your
    floor, the Scooba washes it. Produced by iRobot, the Scooba is another
    automated robotic floor washer that uses a special non-bleach cleaning solution
    that effectively cleans the floors and prevents skidding or rust. Unlike some
    automatic cleaning machines, the Scooba starts its routine by vacuuming solid
    debris to eliminate loose material, then squirts the cleaning solution and
    scrubs the floor. It finishes off by sucking up the mixture of solution and
    dirt, leaving a totally clean and dry floor. On a single tank-load of solution,
    this useful little robot can clean about 850 square feet of flooring.

    Ever feel like the battle against dust is a
    futile and never-ending one? This is especially true if you live in an area
    with a generally warm climate all-year round. This is also true of people who
    live in high-rise condominium units or apartments which are built near the road
    since the smoke and debris coming from passing vehicles can cause the build-up
    of dust pretty quickly. Of course, as you might be well-aware of by now, the
    best way to control the build-up of dust is to regular clean your house, room
    or apartment unit with the use of auto vacuum
    . The problem can become even more complicated if you own a pet such
    as a dog or a cat since animals shed a whole lot of hair that can trap even
    more dust and even clog up your vacuum cleaner.