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The robot hoover is the ultimate dream-cleaning machine
  • The robot hoover is the ultimate
    dream-cleaning machine. If you haven't heard about the Roomba by iRobot before,
    then you have seriously been missing out on one of the world's greatest
    inventions. More than 6 million Roomba robots have been sold worldwide. The
    Roomba series by iRobot are a series of amazing robotic vacuum cleaners that
    cruise around your house picking up dirt and debris so that you don't have to.
    The Roomba 780 is the leader in the Roomba range.

    They have sensors that keep them from
    falling down the stairs and can easily tell the difference between a curtain
    and a wall. One of the really cool things about the robotic floor
    is that it also comes with two virtual walls - which mean that you
    can set the boundaries of where you want your robot to go. The Roomba 780 is
    perfect for families in large houses with pets that have long hair.