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fifa 15 coins excels in several key areas
  • fifa 15 coins
    excels in several key areas but it’s the amazingly detailed presentation that
    stands above all other offerings. The EA Sports juggernaut simply sparkles from
    the minute you hit the menus. The design of the UI is simple with menus and
    modes clean and easy to navigate through – something that Konami are only now
    trying to emulate. The player screen that is the centrepiece of PES 2015 is a
    classy touch and the new tabs system is a step in the right direction.

    On the pitch though, FIFA 15 simply blows PES 2015 away this year from a pure
    presentation standpoint. Commentary is still an area Konami leave largely
    untouched and while fifa 15 ps coins duo of Taylor & Smith
    still suffers from repetitiveness, it’s better than the woeful Beglin and
    Champion double act who read their lines irrespective of what’s happening on the
    pitch, sometimes even contradicting each other. Konami’s dotted line system for
    set plays looks slightly silly compared to the slick system FIFA 15 incorporates
    as well.

    FIFA 15’s looks even more TV-esque this time around too. The stadiums look
    beautiful (especially at night) with close-up player shots looking amazing. PES
    2015 is the best ever visual effort from the team at Konami but FIFA 15 looks
    and sounds glorious. Konami are getting there, but for now FIFA 15 stays
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