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Creaky in light of the cheap fifa 15 coins competition
  • You can grease the wheels by paying real money for PES’s other currency, my fifa 15 coins
    Club coins, though this feature wasn’t available at the time of writing. With bonuses for daily play and regular top ups for in game achievements, these seem a less egregious form of microtransaction than most, even if the mode itself is essentially Ultimate Team under a different name.
    Yet it lacks the polish and immediacy of its big money counterpart, spoiled by a lacklustre user interface and a few baffling design choices. The process of adding new players into your squad is particularly confusing, the feeble tutorial forgetting to tell you that you need to release or deregister a current player first.
    Still, it’s had more attention paid to it than the rather bare bones Master League option, a series mainstay that looks increasingly creaky in light of the cheap fifa 15 coins
    competition.The real acid test, however, comes with online play. It’s an area in which Konami has historically struggled, but I’m cautiously optimistic that the publisher has finally got things right.