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  • The arrival of Cocis has crowded the midfield even more, a situation which can't be fixed via trades due to the roster freeze. Could he play out left like he did briefly in Brazil? Would he play in the center with license to roam and create? These are questions that need to be considered.
    Even though the season has had rough patches and we've all seen enough draws for the next cheap fifa 15 coins
    seasons, the playoffs are still very much attainable. In the world of MLS' parity, a hot streak over a few games can make the difference between tearing up a roster and saying "hey, we just need one or two more pieces this offseason".
    Every Fire fan wants to be in the playoffs and Jones, along with Cocis and Earnshaw, could be the midseason push the team needs.To win in professional sports, you need to spend money, that's not debatable. You do have to spend it wisely, though, especially in a league such as MLS. Their are rumors that Jones wants Michael Bradley money ($6.5 million) and the Fire doesn't seem willing to pay him that much money.If you want to buy more cheap fifa 15 coins online here,please open this