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NFL seeks end to Jonathan Vilma suit
  • NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL asked a
    U.S. District Court judge on Friday to dismiss Jonathan Vilma's motion looking
    for to have his season-prolonged suspension overturned.The Saints linebacker is
    scheduled to have a hearing on Thursday. But the NFL needs the situation
    dismissed since the collective bargaining agreement reached last August to
    finish the lockout provides commissioner Roger Goodell the authority to punish
    gamers for "conduct detrimental" to the NFL.Vilma and Saints coach Sean Payton
    have been suspended for the 2012 season for their roles in the bounty system the
    NFL says went on for 3 seasons.Saints Bounty ScandalAn NFL investigation
    identified the New Orleans Saints operated a bounty method that rewarded 22 to
    27 gamers for difficult hits and for injuring opposing players
    Profile ┬╗The NFL also states that Vilma and 3 other players suspended refused to
    defend themselves for the duration of the appeals process. Saints defensive end
    Will Smith is suspended for 4 video games, current Packers DE Anthony Hargrove
    got eight games, and current Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is out for 3 games
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    ."By refusing to participate in the merits of the CBA appeal
    approach ... the NFLPA and Mr. Vilma have failed to exhaust the dispute
    resolution procedures accessible to them," the NFL's movement stated. "That
    failure needs dismissal of their actions."Vilma also has filed a defamation
    lawsuit towards Goodell.Earlier this week, soon after Vilma filed his motion for
    dismissal of the suspension, Saints interim coach Joe Vitt -- who will serve a
    6-game suspension when the season commences -- also filed an affidavit with the
    court in help of Vilma's request. Vitt, who did not fight his suspension imposed
    by Goodell, referred to as the bounty program "nonexistent" in the affidavit
    mentioned he wanted "to refute that the Saints ever had a bounty plan or that
    any member of our defense Jonathan
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    , like Mr. Vilma, ever placed a bounty on an opposing player or
    set out to injure any person or to inspire any other Saints player to injure
    anyone Mike
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    ."The NFL insists that all discipline in the bounties case
    falls below Goodell's jurisdiction as part of the CBA.
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