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As for cheap fifa 15 coins comparisons
  • Aerially he becomes an awesome threat thanks to the plus ninety ratings for both heading accuracy and jumping, whilst his positioning will ensure he is in the correct places in the box to capitalize on any given service. Dead ball situations are another strength of the card, similar to his play in real life, so with the way free-kicks seem easier to score fifa 15 coins
    As a FIFA player you should be able to rack a few of those up with the Portuguese international. His main advantage over Messi in my opinion is his strength and the fact that he is near impossible to get off the ball once up to full speed. Messi has the disadvantage that he can be pulled back quite easily, whereas with Ronaldo it is not quite possible to do it as easy.
    Overall, a much better card than the Argentinian forward, but if paired together, what a combination the two would become. As for cheap fifa 15 coins
    comparisons, is the card worth the extra 4-500k coins that you would have to pay rather than have his normal card.Now from the base attributes, you can see that that all stats have improved by at least one, with defending and shooting the exceptions as they both increased by two. If you want to know more information about cheap fifa 15 coins,please click