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You having a significant bonus to XP whenever you complete it
  • Final Fantasy XIV at gamerwell is truly one of my favourite MMORPGs. We think it’s the most effective MMOs ever created. It has an incredibly engrossing story, engaging combat, which is arguably on the list of prettiest MMOs around.

    But several of its best and unique features can also be hard to stomach for most new and potential players, via a combination of ambiguous terms and intimidating depth. I’m here now to tell you that this doesn’t should be the case. We’ve dissected and de jargoned FFXIV’s unique systems in order that it’s simpler to digest for those still on the fence, and new players alike.

    While not the quickest method, it fills out the gaps and offers the feeling of changing things up. Thankfully there's 2 Challenge Log entries linked to Leves: 4x unique Levequest types, 20x You that has a significant bonus to XP after you complete it Levequests completed. Not all levequests are equal: understand that you do not need to kill all enemies - you need to simply complete the levequest objective. This leads to some leves taking a long time for good value. Keep this in mind when spamming - take out the sucky leves.

    The volume of levequests you're able to do are restricted by your daily levequest allowances. You gain 3 Levequests allowances per 12 hours. This is only relevant after you’re newer or when level caps are raised, otherwise they may stockpile to 100 easily.

    Once daily, you'll be able to indulge in as much as four Roulettes: Low-Level Roulette, High-Level Roulette, Main Scenario Roulette and Guildhest Roulette. High-Level and Main Scenario Roulette are available to level 50 players, but Low-Level and Guildhest Roulette are fantastic sources of XP -- and also a reason to revisit old dungeons after you have outlevelled them.

    Roulette throws you right into a random Duty Finder challenge that you are currently qualified to receive, and gives you using a significant bonus to XP whenever you complete it. The most "in-demand" classes daily -- usually tanks, but sometimes healers -- get an additional bonus in addition, too. You'll also get yourself a hefty XP bonus in the event the dungeon or Guildhest Roulette throws you into is considerably below your level -- so if you are, say level 30 and it also throws you into your level 15 dungeon Sastasha Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, you'll receive a lump sum of XP at the conclusion of the dungeon to generate up to the relative deficiency of XP you should have earned from monster encounters.