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NEW DISM or Fresh to Nudism: A Girl Friend Recounts Her Experience with Nudism
  • Awesome to Nudism? or "Awesome-Dism"?
    Launch by Felicity: As I said before, I went about encouraging my friends to try nudism this past summer by seeing me. Well I asked one if she could write me a story about visiting a fkk club and falling upon nudism for the first time, and she did! Having grown up as a naturist, I actually wanted to know what it was like for a brand new man to step into the fkk community who grew up in an entirely non-fkk home / family.
    It appears I did not give a good enough introduction to this at first, so let me clarify. My female friend from college visited me at a naturist club for the first time, and I asked her to compose a story about what it was like.
    We decided a good weekend for her to visit, so her and her (female) friend came as my guests, and I did my best to introduce them to nudism/the club. The weather wasn't great, so we hung out in a group, but had to dress as the cold came on, so In The Nudist World Communication Is Demanding! Notably with Vita Nuda Northeast (VNNE)! wasn't ideal.
    I was nude for a short time and let my guests get used to things. As my friend describes it, she got nakedand walked around on her own to see what it was all about! And these are her general impressions and experience of it.
    FRESH-DISM as in Fresh to Nudism at Rock Lodge
    Below is Her Awesome To Nudism or "NEWDISM" Storyline:
    Disclaimer: Please be advised that naturist camps are NOT the place to go for anyone seeking a loony swinger outdoor nude orgy and guys walking around with boners. I repeat, nudist camps aren't the place to go for a crazy romp or the screening of boners, sorry to disappoint.
    My curiosity about naturist camps comes back almost two years past. I uncovered via some incriminating facebook pictures that my roommate/friend was in a sense, leading a double life. She was raised in a fkk camp and during summer and springtime breaksfrom faculty that's where she returned, unbeknownst to us.
    Needless to say, my buddies and I were beyond shocked at this discovery, and continued to bombard her with a broad array of questions, including "What do you do when it gets cold?" and "Do people have sex all over the place?" (True, some questions were more plausible than others). Our aims were not to be unsuitable.
    The fact was, we literally had no idea what this type of lifestyle entailed (minus my half-hour long instruction on nudism from MTV's True Life: My Parents Are Nudists. The documentary exemplified the story of a teen forced to grow up in a naturist camp as a depressing, awkward plight he couldn't escape, and I was left thinking, "At least I'm not him.")
    Upon my school graduation, I embarked on the path of semi-self discovery and experience, as many frequently do when they do not know what the next life step is. I was antsy to go anywhere and everywhere, and hopefully along the way learn more about myself and others. I boldly decided I 'd set all apprehensions aside, and see my friend at a naturist club called Rock Lodge.
    I embarked on my journey on a lovely summer day with a friend from home. We debated and predicted what the camp would be like, having little, to no notion what to expect. I have to confess I was nervous, and took pointless detours to prolong our entrance (yesI did try to locate a specific Actual Housewife of Awesome Jersey). As we entered the gates of the fkk camp, a tide of panic came over me as a guy greeted us (nude, of course).
    As much as I 'd prepared myself, the initial nude screening caught me off-guard. I fought not to let my suffering get the best of me. I quickly regained my composure and put my game face onI had come this far, I was ready. As we wandered through the camp I met an assortment of folks, all different ages, and equally as notable, all different shapes and sizes.
    I could not help but admire the assurance everyone seemed to possess, no matter their physical shape, and I marginally envied them. They appeared to feel infinitely more assured than most individuals who walk around fully clothed.
    I thought to myself, "How can folks whose imperfections are so blatantly visible for everyone to see possess such confidence?" As I learned more about th