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Seven Tips to Get next necklace meeting your style
  • Necklaces have been a cherished jewelry item for over 25,000 years,
    evolving from ancient ceremonial chains to a beloved companion for
    almost every ensemble. In the modern-day, this staple piece continues to
    be a favorite contender for most jewelry collections, offering a
    versatile solution in touching up your outfit, refining the neck, and
    showcasing all your best is a leading online
    store that offers exquisite necklace sets, earring sets and bracelets
    are your best choices. Whether you search for a piece of fine jewelry
    set for a wedding or add some sparkle and sophistication to your

    If you’re on the hunt for a new necklace or even just browsing, follow
    our 7 golden rules in things to consider before making your next

    1. Necklaces should focus on your features

    The most important rule of necklace shopping is to consider your
    facial features. Our bodies are a canvas of both perfections and flaws,
    mapped out in skin tone, bone structure, and birthmarks. This collection
    of features makes us unique and can be enhanced or obscured when paired
    with specific styles, shapes, and necklace designs.

    Necklaces are carefully designed to accentuate the area where they
    fall, creating a focal point to enhance beauty. Focusing on the neckline
    and the bust, many customers fall victim to the belief that only your
    face and chest should be considered when purchasing a new necklace.
    However, your overall structure and shape, such as your height and
    figure, can play a key role in determining which styles are more likely
    to make you shine.

    2. Measure your neck for the perfect fit

    Before committing to golden chains or elegant pendants, it is crucial
    to consider the size of your neck and how this will work with the
    desired style and design. Create an ideal fit by measuring from the
    throat to your nape, softly wrapping the tape measure around to receive
    an accurate figure. For pendants that cascade from the neck to the
    chest, you may need to add an additional 4-5 inches for a complimenting

    When picking your design, keep in mind that longer styles mirror
    one’s perception of neck length; whilst shorter chains give the
    appearance of a quaint, petite shape. Use your neck size to not only
    determine your ideal measurement but also to match up with the most
    complementing designs.

    3. Use height to determine the length of the chain

    Moving from your neck to the toes, height can be a dealbreaker in the
    hunt for the perfect necklace, especially if you’re a petite 5’4
    (inches) or standing tall at 5’7 (inches).

    Smaller frames are often overwhelmed by longer designs, which sit
    awkwardly below the chest and reach towards the stomach. Instead,
    accessorize the neck with chokers and princess-length styles to add the
    impression of extra height to your desired look. Women over 5’7 can
    enjoy longer chains in all their glory, pairing their height with
    plunging pendants for a classy finish.

    4. Match your body shape to complimenting styles

    Women come in all shapes and sizes, a factor that can play a large
    role in how jewelry can look and feel on your body. As the necklace sits
    close to or over the chest, bust size is a crucial consideration when
    choosing designs, especially with longer chains of more than 24 inches,
    which may be uncomfortable for those with larger bust sizes.

    5. Choose designs that emphasize facial features

    The focal point of the human body, your face, is the prized feature
    of your appearance and the deciding factor for most fashion and
    accessory choices. Matching necklace designs to facial features can not
    only help to emphasize aspects of beauty, such as eye color and bone
    structure, but also alter the appearance of specific body parts to
    create a flawless finish.

    Shorter necklaces, such as chokers, highlight the neck whilst
    softening angles of the face – perfect for square or heart-shaped faces.
    Aim for necklaces no longer than 16-18” inches. Rounder faces, however,
    will benefit best from styles that frame the face, emphasizing length
    and creating a ‘V-shape’ between the jaw and eyes. Longer chains between
    20-24” can assist with shaping the face and adding length, whereas
    smaller designs may crowd your best features by shortening the neck.

    6. Weigh up different necklaces styles

    The jewelry industry offers a well-stocked market of necklaces in all
    shapes and sizes, offering creative freedom to experiment with emerging
    trends, timeless classics, and upcoming designs. Understanding the
    styles of necklaces on offer guarantees a purchase made with confidence,
    which is why our team recommends weighing up classics and on-trend
    designs before committing to any purchase.

    7. Consider occasion for designs and quality

    Use the occasion for your purchase to guide you on not only the price
    tag of your jewelry but also the appropriate style and design. Special
    occasions such as weddings and anniversaries will usually carry a higher
    cost, as well as attract more elegant and luxurious styles. Unique Designed & High Quality Sapphire Fine Jewelry such as necklace,earrings,bracelet is for you!

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