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    406. Article content "A lot of the songs take place in the relationship
    context and a lot of the songs are, of course, personal," she says.
    "But they were also channelling a lot of what I was seeing and seeing
    what my friends went through, family members go through over the years.
    Theme wise, it's about the conflicted origins of my walls with other
    people, walls in relationships.

    But overall, it was an experiment in the spreading of a good mood
    through music. It introduced me to some things I'd never heard, it
    reminded me of some things I'd forgotten, and there's no question that
    it was more effective as a mood booster because other people had given
    it to me. It's true that online contact is not a substitute for leaning
    over your backyard fence and talking to people, but there is charm in
    people anywhere in the world being able to say, "Listen to this; it will
    make you feel better.".

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