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One of my favorite WoW Classic memories
  • One from vanilla that I would have mentioned could be the Priest's Mind Control and how it was quite often utilized to throw players from very high objects to their death. Story: One timeback in Vanilla WoW Gold, I defended Thunderbluff in my Mage. A priest mind controlled me and threw me. As soon as I landed I got the"Going Down" Success. Likely one of my favorite WoW Classic memories. Another vanilla OP spell, that I used to kill a Grand Marshal Paladin on my rated Warlock that is very low, was Curse of Exhaustion.

    I can not recall the specifics, but it amounted to a permanent slow which allowed you to DOT someone up and run circles around them until they died - particularly after you feared them away and place a nice 50 feet between the both of you.Not sure if you're including WoW Classic beta as Vanilla, however polymorph was unbelievably overpowered when players could fall to the bottom of the sea once poly'ed then drown.Also, you mentioned Undead players being contemplated undead back in beta, however, you didn't mention that that meant that paladin players were incredibly overpowered against undead players. Not as OP as poly drowning pom/pyro, or fictitious perma stuns, but an huge advantage none-the-less.

    You missed the NON GC. Which made instant caast all be able to macroed to one button. AKA, warlocks instant casting identical with shadow priests, all dots. The whole will fo forsaken was a thing with warlock/warriors. What made it huge was the fact I didnt share CD with trinkets. Fantastic vid, but the unhappy thin is that which you did was study the internet.dont think you actually played it. And to be truthful it was good. Sure there was that the core that is hard that is random as its made out to be, but it wasn't as easy. Superior players could.

    Damage didn't increase. PVP gear had no shadow resistance, pve gear had around 100 which is annoying but not the end of the world in PVP, if they needed to counter player that is exact res equipment was used by folks in PVP. Besides nobody used CoS in pvp because agony is by far you greatest dot and CoT/CoEX are simply better in every other possible situation, and should you rolled destro you just used CoE.Reason why Lupus did harm he did(which is wrongfully made to do something with resistances) was him performing shadow harm and consuming critical shadowbolt debuff that made every warlock in the raid angry as hell about predators with this dumb wolf.

    Although two of the top ten abilities you showed us were Shamans (Frost jolt,Windfury) people have false ideas about Vanilla Shaman due to the movies out there showing completely geared hybrids one shooter people with WF procs.The truth is that Shaman wasnt so great back then,was fairly RNG in PvP based on Flurry and WF procs,had a great deal of gear to be considered strong competitions,equipment that Buy WoW Classic Gold was actually impossible to have in ancient patches since the only thing you had to perform was healing in raids and never have priorities on getting your hands on DPS gear.If you was able to play as Enhancement or Elemental back in the days,you'd largely never fit in a raid essay since you wouldnt even be at a good dps array against Mages,Rogues,Warriors or Warlocks and nearly all of your raid buffing totems might also be employed by a Restoration Shaman who had been among the very useful specs to play Vanilla.image