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Diminishing returns for XP loss on death IGXE gold

  • Right now, a lot of folks complain about the impossibility of leveling past a certain level with no investing absurd level of time in to the game. Like me, I have like 1-2 hours each day, but perhaps 10 hours a week to play, and I see no attainable way to reach the end-end game in, or the max level. So it is possible to buy poe currency in advance to help you level up quickly.

    The 10% xp loss on high level reinforces overly protected way of playing, my pals refuse to play "riskier" maps with me because they would like to get to 100, even if it requires farming t6-8 maps forever.
    It doesn't motivate reaching for progress, doesn't support the game all round.

    I suggest a mild dampening formula for calculating xp loss.
    I use a theoretical 1 M xp to reach the following level in my examples.

    You lose 10% of max xp/ death by default.
    Should you have lost 50% in total (500k) your next death will only take 7.5%.
    In the event you shed 75% in total (750k) your subsequent death will only take 5%
    For those who drop 90% in total (900k) your next death will only take two.5%
    If you lose 100% in total (1M) your subsequent death will only take 1%

    You'll usually lose a minimum of 1% (it would nonetheless be relevant about lvl 98-100) but it is possible to get towards the subsequent level in most cases, even when you are poor, after receiving 200% xp.
    This would enable to make individuals play much more freely, since immediately after a certain point, death is not that substantially of an issue. But nevertheless, it would take twice as lengthy to acquire there as would for skilled players. But no less than it offers you a fighting chance. It nevertheless takes at the very least 16 death (for those who have enough xp to shed) to reach the 1% level so it is only not truly exploitable
    Please note that quite a few people today have families, perform 8-10 hours but nevertheless would wish to see their character's full energy. Not everybody is super HC.