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Madden 19 Loyalty Program Launched

  • Following up on this weekend's Ultimate Legends drop in Madden, there's now a brand new MUT occasion. It's the Madden 19 Ultimate Team Loyalty program which brings exciting new cards and objectives. As well as that, the EA Sports crew has revealed some updates regarding this previous Sunday's server difficulties. That involves important facts connected to Weekend League and Solo Battles.Madden 19 coins Loyalty Plan officially launches with new weekly objectives, rewards
    This weekend we saw new Ultimate Legends Ronnie Lott, Terrell Davis, and an LTD John Randle in MUT. The most recent Madden Every day Drops on Twitch channel Monday broke down the launch of this season's MUT Loyalty system. It can involve weekly objectives and earning Loyalty Tokens to exchange for valuable rewards. Each week brings four objectives which gamers have to total to earn a single MUT Loyalty Token. Gamers have to obtain eight of these tokens to exchange for any 99 OVR Kyle Fuller .

    There's also a 99 OVR Aaron Rodgers for the offense. To acquire the Rodgers will need completion from the weekly objectives and racking up eight tokens also. Check out www.mutcoin the brand new player cards .

    In addition to Fuller and Rodgers, there are actually other rewards. There's a 97+ Complete Ultimate Legend Player which needs seven MUT Loyalty Tokens. There's also a 94+ OVR player which requires just 5 MUT Loyalty Tokens. Finally, there is an Ultimate Legends Pack for three tokens and an 85+ OVR Elite for one particular token.

    Considering that each and every week brings four new objectives, it could take a while to earn eight tokens for any Fuller or Rodgers. That essentially adds up to two months to attain one of these player cards. Nevertheless, gamers that are on yet another level with Madden 19 Ultimate Group may perhaps get the card faster.

    Persons who have been grinding all MUT season will get a particular treat later this week, per EA Madden's Twitch stream. That will give those gamers a jump towards earning Kyle Fuller. So generally, other gamers will have to have two months to attain that card, whereas those who have been around the grind this season will have that sped up.

    EA Madden server concerns, Weekend League, & Solo battles
    Many Madden gamers experienced EA server issues lasted from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday (May possibly 5). Due to the challenges, they announced that Weekend League will open on this coming Thursday (Could 9) at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time. There won't be a knockout round for this week's edition, though. Solo battles will also have double rewards this week.