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New Fallout 76 Update Adds New Dungeon, In-Game Camera Item

  • As it was previously laid out, Bethesda have revealed much more information regarding the newest content for buy Fallout 76 Caps, which incorporates not merely the addition with the in-game camera, but also a new dungeon inside the kind of "The Burrows".

    Arriving later this week, The Burrows were initially a drainage technique for Harpers Ferry, but after the bombs fell in the Fallout universe, it immediately develop into household for survivors. As well as the new dungeon comes a new quest, The Burrows' Waste Management, where as you'd expect, you'll be venturing in to the Burrows to complete some "maintenance" using the enemies contained therein. The Burrows has been created for two or additional players at level 50 or above, so bring a buddy along to have essentially the most out of it.

    As for the camera, you are going to need to locate the dead tourist who's holding the camera, which leads to a quest that will have you finishing a list of certain snapshots. After you've got a camera, you'll be able to craft new cameras, also as mod them with extras'lenses. Any pictures you take with the camera will probably be saved for your Photomode gallery.

    The Burrows is due out April 16th, which was also supposed to become the date for the in-game camera. However, Bethesda has pushed back the date for the latter so as to additional tweak issues.