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SWTOR 5.10.3 Please visit Dantooine Incursion

  • BioWare announced the following update to Star Wars: the old Republic - a trailer for the new game occasion of Dantooine Incursion. The action took spot on the distant planet of Dantoine, plus the Republic is seeking a foothold due to its proximity towards the Sith Empire. Patch 5.ten.3 will introduce a new activity that can be offered to get a restricted time, but is going to be rotated, such as Bounty Contract Week or Gree.

    Game Update 5.ten.3 'Dantooine Incursion' introduces a new in-game occasion set around the planet Dantoine. This limited-time occasion will join the rotation of other recurring events in "Star Wars: The Old Republic", which include the relics of Rakghoul Resurgence and Gree.

    Having a new round of war amongst the Republic on the Galaxy and the Sith Empire, the elite empire penetrated Dantoine and established a hidden base on the surface with the Earth, with the aim of weakening the Republic's efforts via a series of surgical attacks. The remote planet Dantoine suddenly became quite essential: it was on the edge of Imperial space, making it the perfect transit zone for the republican warships to the front line. Mainly because of your inability to break the Republican Front and straight attack the Earth, the Imperial agents recruited brutal Nova Blade pirates from the Republic. Attacking Dantoine in the territory and fully controlling the defenders on Earth with exceptionally violent attacks.

    Within the ensuing chaos, the elite empire penetrated Dantoine and established a hidden base around the surface with the earth in order to weaken the Republic's efforts through a series of surgical attacks. Nova Blades attacked any person and everybody they could uncover; For the reason that of your savage pirate fleet as well as the embarrassment of your empire. Because of the ruthless ruthlessness in the pirates along with the ambiguity of the empire, the fierce defenders in the Republic issued an appeal asking any person to help them control the deadly invasion of Dantoine against the enemy...

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