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You still have to fight the skeleton
  • Games like these are going to punish themselves out of business. I won't ever click"agree" to a different terms of support for a match that does not allow me to text freely. Stick and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me. What is the point when I reside in a inform on your neighbor society. This is a sport, a sport, everything you wish to call it. People get angry, people talk shit. You dont like it..dont playwith Albion online Silver...dont fucking ban me for my text speech. Two years of money and time to get reported and banned by some day oner that probally wont last a month in albion. Im not agreeing to those terms ever again. If your playing like an asshole...I wish to be able to tell you that with out being banned.

    The red zones issue using albion online is deadly online 24/7. Most individuals don't play mortal online anymore due to gloomy blocking. After the newb player ends up hitting the other person that jumped in front of him while they were assaulting npc. Each of the NPCs become instantly hostile. Meaning when you're farming skeletons right next to city that op unkillable npc with magical will now strike youpersonally, which play that jump before you can now attack you with total impunity, and in addition to all that. You still have to fight the skeleton that you were barely able to kill in the first place. By the way, it's full loot throughout the complete very very grindy game. So you misplaced literal hours to days worth advancement due to a single jackass abusing the system.

    Most hardcore/full loot games I played where all poisonous and this one is no exception. Players should rely on deception and all exploits when not zerging to receive their loot since very little to none is made by Albion online and that I can not respect such a inexpensive ass mechanic.Altough I have been playing this one because beta, only because the crafting/farming is one hell of a grind and that I enjoy crafting and selling in an MMO, for this, I give a big thumbs up to Albion.Sadly, game rather than been truly balanced and weapons/armors aren't all played equally, creating a lack of variety and redundant, almost predictable fights and market.

    But I mostly dislike that Albion online is not allowing individuals to support war efforts trought other means than fighting and joining an end-game guild means needing to keep a schedule for your guild's PvP events and forget Albion online is a so-called sandbox. Making of Albion online a sandbox game UNLESS you are a competitive tier guild which doesn't farm/craft anymore but resides only by taking their loots from players.Hopefully there will be some balance and advantages given to gatherers/crafters, that are condemned to play solo as the only source of generated content rather than respected in any way by other players. Crafting"articles" for that game is a really ungrateful game.

    I don't play Albion Online for the sole reason they after you buy Albion online, there is a premium subscription where you have to purchase or else your advancement is dreadful. They attempt to justify this by saying other games like WoW won't even let you play without a subscription an at least Albion online let's you perform with, but you might as well not play Albion online with the handicap you get without premium, The subscription is designed so that players are forced to buy it.

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