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World of Warcraft: Looking Ahead to Patch 8.2
  • World of Warcraft: Looking Ahead to Patch 8.2

    Lately my guild was talking about each of the items in World of Warcraft which happen to be frustrating us in BfA along with the comment it really should get superior in eight.2 was created. It seems like numerous of us are seeking forward to the subsequent significant patch to improve the game substantially. Not surprisingly, nobody described something precise about the patch which they believe will increase points or buy wow gold, but there's just this sense it'll get much better. Plus with eight.1.5 out and Crucible of Storms on the horizon, it seemed like a fantastic point to recap some of the factors that will possess the biggest impact inside the 8.2 Rise of Azshara patch.


    Certainly one of the centerpieces of 8.2 is definitely the new zone for each the Horde and Alliance to explore. Having a new zone comes a whole new chapter inside the key story of this expansion. We'll get our 1st close-up look at what Queen Azshara has been up to more than the years and what life is like for the individuals who're living under (or adjacent to) her rule. Certainly one of the best components about this storyline is it won't be gated, so players will be in a position to practical experience the entire point at after or do it in tiny chunks as time enables them. It'll be exciting how each the Horde and Alliance make the pivot from fighting one another to after once more obtaining a common enemy. It won't be the very first time we've carried out this, but a lot has happened since the defeat of the Legion it's hard to picture how we'll work together once again.

    Having a new zone, there will also be new World Quests and undoubtedly new factions to earn rep with. Even though I am searching forward to altering things up a little with new WQs, I'm positive they'll become old hat quickly enough. The upside of WQs just isn't possessing to do all of them though and only needing to perform the ones you want to finish the emissaries. So yes, I nevertheless favor them towards the old everyday quests we applied to have. It's also worth noting it's completely possible Champions of Azeroth WQs may well pop-up within the new zone. Maybe Tortollan as well, but I'd say that may be much less most likely.

    Azshara's Eternal Palace

    We're FINALLY going to take on Azshara herself! FINALLY! From my early leveling days in Blackfathom Deeps, to Serpantshrine Cavern, and all of the times Naga have popped up in all the expansions since' this is a single fight which feels like we have been dancing around since World of Warcraft 1st started. This raid will probably be eight bosses, though the only 1 we know of for confident is Queen Azshara herself. Although they also described something about exploring a hatchery, so I'm certain there will probably be some don't get too close towards the eggs' shenanigans too. Also, crossing my fingers for an unlockable boss skip for the raid as well because that always makes life a bit better for raid groups progression wise.

    They also pointed out there might be an underwater boss which has me each intrigued and a little scared. I don't remember ever obtaining a real underwater boss fight in a raid before (please someone correct me if I've forgotten about something). The closest I can believe of though is Al'Akir from the Throne on the Four Winds raid in Cataclysm. Everyone I have ever talked to about this fight either loved it or hated it because inside the last phase everyone was lifted in the air and had to fight although flying around him. The raid group I was in at the time often struggled on this portion because positioning was necessary, and it turns out telling where you are in a 3D environment with only a boss to orient yourself can be challenging. There's a lot extra which can be accomplished with an underwater fight, but Al'Akir is probably a good baseline for what to expect at IGXE.