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Some of World of Warcraft Classic's demo bugs weren't bugs at all
  • Blizzard has confirmed that some of the issues reported by players throughout the World of Warcraft Classic demo were not, in truth, bugs, but are rather intentional mechanics that faithfully mimic how the game made use of to become fifteen years ago.

    "Thank you to everyone who gave us a lot feedback to perform with, specially the neighborhood members who compiled lists of troubles that people identified using the demo," wrote community manager "Kaivax" in an update around the official forums (thanks, PC Gamer). "We've looked at all the things that was reported, and wish to share a handful of anecdotes with you so you could buy wow items and see how we're tackling these concerns.

    "Players reported that [the] Warlock demon summoning was broken - numerous players mentioned which you should not lose your existing demon till the new one particular appears," Kaivax said. "We double-checked and in the original 1.12 WoW, and there, as soon as you started summoning a new demon, your existing demon disappeared. So the demo essentially matched how the game played originally. There had been a couple of other reports - including "rare mobs do way much less damage" and "Kobolds at Jangolode Mine run more rapidly than walking speed when operating away" - exactly where we had been capable to confirm that the gameplay was precisely the same in the demo as within the original 1.12 WoW."

    That stated, there had been some not-so-intentional problems, too. While the team had believed it'd addressed an issue with incorrect overall health regeneration along with the spell critical hit multiplier, Kaivax confirmed there was a "discrepancy" with how Classic was configured on the atmosphere at Blizzard's office plus the environment serving the demo to players, which was not correct.

    Even though there remain some concerns that the group "don't intend to address" - how the mail functions, by way of example - the developer has "fixed some pretty high-priority issues", such as Essential Strike rating (every single item now improves your chance to have a vital strike by X%), Rogue Energy (it was both benefiting from melee haste and re-calculating far more frequently than it was supposed to), Slow Fall no longer applies to your jumps, you are going to once again get wow gold pushback when hit by ranged attacks and wands, and Dodge, Parry, and Miss were all not happening normally enough.

    "That's not all we've done, needless to say, but we would like to give you an concept of what we're prioritizing: core game systems, combat, and content," concluded Kaivax. "We've spent time on other factors such as user interface and creating certain graphics 'feel' like they utilized to, but our major concentrate is on gameplay.