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Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends Cards
  • Just about every so often, EA's Madden 19 adds legends of the gridiron to their Ultimate Team mode. That's the case this weekend as a few of the former greats inside the game are now "in the game." Among them are former Buffalo Bills receiver Andre Reed and former Denver Broncos defensive star Steve Atwater. There's also a special Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends card available for any limited time. The followings are the most current facts.

    Madden 19 Ulti mate Team Legends: Andre Reed

    On Saturday, the EA Madden Ultimate Team people unveiled three brand new Legends player cards for gamers to go for Mut 19 coins within the game. Andre Reed was 1 of those legends, and rightfully so. He spent 16 years within the NFL with all the bulk of his years spent as a part of the Buffalo Bills offense.

    As observed on his new Madden 19 Ultimate Legends card, Reed brings an impressive 98 Medium Route Run score, at the same time as a 96 on Short Route, 95 Deep Route, and also a 96 Catching. Generally, with all those receiving numbers within the mid-to-high 90s, he's properly worth picking up to get a roster in need of that reliable receiver.

    Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends: Steve Atwater

    In addition to the highly-skilled offensive star Andre Reed, defensive star Steve Atwater is now readily available in Madden 19 Ultimate Team legends format. Atwater had a 10-year profession within the NFL with nine years as a member on the Denver Broncos. His final season saw him retire as a member on the New York Jets.

    Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends: Limited time Paul Krause

    There was 1 other Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends card revealed: Paul Krause. Newer NFL fans may have to dig deep into the history books to study regarding the defensive star. He was a member on the Redskins for the first four years of his career prior to becoming a defensive fixture with the Minnesota Vikings.

    Some of the preceding Madden 19 Legends cards included Terrell Suggs, Greg Olsen, and Calvin Johnson. Early critiques in the newest legends trio seem to indicate that the Andre Reed is one particular to attempt to add to a roster. His 90s across the board on that card make him one particular sensible selection for your Madden coins offense.

    Gamers, how do you really feel in regards to the additions of Reed, Atwater, and Krause within this format? Any of those cards in certain you're going for? Verify out extra of our most recent news and information regarding Madden 19 game here.