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The ESO Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event
  • Will sneaking and stealing float your boat? Do you want to get a license to kill? Embrace your dark side throughout the Elder Scrolls Online's Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration and gather additional material to develop your Nascent Indrik mount as you enter.

    The ESO Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration will begin on Thursday, March 7th at 10 am Eastern Time and finish on Monday, March 18, at the identical time EDT. Please note that an hour will likely be stolen from you though you happen to be robbing the Tamriel citizens when Daylight Savings begins on March 10.

    During the occasion, you might be awarded a double bonus for defeating World and Delve bosses. You will also buy ESO Gold and get a double Defiled Whiskers drops from the bosses within the Maw of Lorkhaj. Typical crafting nodes (not Survey Report nodes) will also produce twice the harvest sources.

    For anyone who is operating really hard to create a Nascent Indrik, you can get two tickets for the occasion every day by completing the Sacrament of your Dark Brotherhood and also a Heist for the Thieves Guild. Sacraments is going to be unlocked by finishing the quest "A Lesson in Silence" following reaching Rank 2 inside the Dark Brotherhood. To perform a Heist you have to have reached Rank 3 in the Thieves Guild and completed "The Extended Game" quest.

    You will need to visit the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild DLC packages to participate in this event. ESO Plus subscribers are very good to go. When you have not but entered the DLC, you may choose each and every on the packages for half value (1000 crowns) through the Celebration. The DLC packages will also be available as part of Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Collector's Bundles (2000 crowns each).

    Sand your fingertips and sharpen your blades, receiving sufficient ESO Gold prepared, to welcome the upcoming Dark days in Elder Scrolls Online.