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Final Fantasy XIV Information Center Expansion will Launch this April
  • The Final Fantasy XIV data center changes had been announced through the North American Final Fantasy XIV FanFest 2019. Earlier these days, the dates on which this adjust will take impact were announced through the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone web site. North American and European servers will have different implementation dates, and the European restructuring will take spot from April 2nd to April 15th, and the North American restructuring will take place from April 23rd to March 6th.

    For the duration of this time period, players might be allowed to use a cost-free Globe Transfer (which will permit you to pack up and move to a diverse server in diverse information centers), and if they want to buy FFXIV Gil and play games elsewhere, they could visit a new server of their choice. Having said that, there are actually some restrictions as the transfers towards the crowded worlds which include Balmont and Gilgamesh is not going to be accessible throughout this period. As often, transfering for the preferred globe will grant you the usual transfer bonuses.

    By the way, the Final Fantasy XIV Mog station has updated with a $24 fat cat mount. If you need to become a fat cat in Final Fantasy XIV and support your economic strength, you are able to do so by buying the $24 "Fatter Cat" mount from the Mog Station.

    The excellent news is the fact that this chubby cat is just not only a ground mount, but in addition can take for the skies in all its fluffiness and is unlocked account-wide.

    Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will probably be released on July two, 2019. You may read extra concerning the upcoming expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, and invest in the least expensive FFXIV Gil on the professional web site