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Fortnite Season 8 Teasers Showcase Pirates and Fire Snakes
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 is almost upon us, and accurate to Epic Games' typical lead-up, the daily teasers have already begun. As usually, they provide an incoherent mashup of suggestions that we'll sooner or later see in the new season. For now, we're left wondering what could possibly connect pirates with fire snakes.

    Will be the theme Pirates vs. Snakes?

    On Sunday, the first Season 8 teaser clearly hinted at pirates being integrated as component of your new season's theme. Not just does an accompanying riddle mention "treasure," "loot," and the phrase "X Marks The Spot," but the image shown using a red background is the fact that of a pirate's hook hand. This teaser confirmed a Season 8 get Fortnite Items started date of Thursday, February 28.

    Epic Games also released a second, pretty equivalent teaser on Monday morning. Exactly the same red background as an alternative shows a serpent of some type, maybe a cobra. "Sssomething shimmers / Inside the cave..." it reads, also hinting at some type of treasure. "But beware of those / Who arrive on waves." also sounds like it could possibly be connected to pirates.

    In response to this teaser, Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard replied using a tweet that just had an egg emoji, implying that these snakes could be what hatches out of those eggs players found within the Ice Castle. Or maybe he just wants us to feel that?

    It is starting to look like the Prisoner, his fire powers, and all these earthquakes could have much less to do with Season 8 than we previously believed.

    At this point in Season 6, Epic Games revealed several related Season 7 teasers with white backgrounds that featured the Ice King and also a cat character snowboarding (later revealed as Lynx). Fortnite's story has often been barely coherent as is, but Season 7 has accomplished a strong job of following by means of on those teasers.

    How these new teasers may well basically element into Season 8 is anybody's guess. Season 6 teasers offered cheap Fortnite Items a prelude to the Purple Cube causing Fortnitemares. Season 5 teasers focused around the rifts and Drift's weird cat mask.

    It does, on the other hand, seem like all the snow will melt just before extended, specifically simply because Season 8 will sooner or later consist of spring.

    Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 begins on February 28, 2019.