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Final Fantasy XIV boss talks how Blue Mage experiment
  • Final Fantasy XIV is in a very good spot, but just nine years ago, points have been hunting disastrous. What is known as the vanilla version of XIV rushed onto the scene and generally tanked quickly, leading to a complete reboot that is hardly ever observed in the market today.

    Much of that work was led by the incomparable Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida, who worked tirelessly with his team to make sure that the new shell, A Realm Reborn, would give fans what they originally wanted. As someone who's played considering the fact that that launch it did: and then some cheap FFXIV Gil.

    I got the likelihood to catch up with Yoshida and discuss the recent addition of Blue Mage (a job that steals magic from monsters), too as exactly where the game is headed just months away from its Shadowbringers expansion.

    Just in case everyone around hasn't tried it but, Blue Mage just not too long ago made it into FFXIV. While the initial response was total and utter excitement, that scene died down a bit as soon as Square Enix revealed that the aforementioned job would essentially be a solo-oriented class. In other words it really is not tuned for bigger groups, and thus, can't access the majority of the content in the game.

    Receiving down to company, I asked Yoshida to shed some light on this choice out on the gate. Noting that there's possible for "Blue Mage-only PVP content," he explains that making use of "powerful blue magic" is what tends to make the class so exciting, and offered that it "breaks the balance from the game," it wouldn't be feasible to let raid participation (he clarifies you will find "no plans" for that). He also explains that certain abilities (like Level 5 Death) would have to be removed entirely. With that in thoughts Yoshida and his group resolved to make Blue Mage as entertaining and as wacky as you possibly can, which involves much more updates in the future.

    As for the future of your game, Yoshida continues to be unsure. I brought up his "at least two more expansions left" quote, which was applied before Shadowbringers was announced; trying to get a general really feel for how lengthy FFXIV has left. Yoshida elucidated that he has a "general image of the Final Fantasy XIV story," but "wasn't wanting to mark any quantity of expansions left for [the game]." He responds, "Expansions will generally be essential for FFXIV's continued growth, and there are going to be extra of them provided that we continue developing. Even when I no longer am in charge of FFXIV Gil inside the future, that can not imply we will cease the improvement of future expansion packages."

    Breaking it down for the fans he gets into some inside baseball beats although teasing a lot more to come: "If we hypothetically call our present key situation questline the Hydaelin / Zodiarc Arc, that story line is now past its mid-point, and is going to ramp up from here. However, even when this arc finishes, that doesn't necessarily mean that the whole story of XIV will end. Provided that you will find Warriors of Light, the adventure will most likely not come to an finish!"