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Fallout 76 invisible teammate bug is having fixed inside the next patch
  • Players should really see the invisible teammate bug disappear within the next patch, as outlined by the game's neighborhood manager.

    The invisible teammate bug 1st surfaced in December last year. Players reported that they had been unable to view their teammates or hear in-game sounds from their friends' characters, like gunshots. Even their names aren't visible.

    A few threads have popped up once again on Reddit this week, with the identical complaint.

    Bethesda community manager u/Valseek popped onto a thread around the topic that also raised consideration to further concerns which can be nonetheless present.

    "This one's on our radar and we're hoping to have Fallout 76 Caps a repair roll out for invisible teammates in our subsequent patch!" they stated.

    Patch six rolled out final week and saw the developer finally address the dupe glitch that had plagued the title because its launch.

    Patch 7 is due on March 12 and will bring a ton of free content with it. You are able to obtain out a lot more regarding the Wild Appalachia update, and also the new quests and modes in store correct here.

    Here are the highlights of what BGS has planned for Fallout 76:

    Brewing and distilling (March 12) might be introduced using a new quest, and will supply new appliances for the CAMP and new recipes, such as, ahem, "Nukashine."
    Fasnacht Parade (March 19): This draws around the celebration of Fasnacht (somewhat like Mardi Gras) celebrated by the Swiss descendants of Helvetia, West Virginia.
    Survival (March 26): Far more on that may be here.
    Player vending (April 9) and also the new Camera (April 16).
    The cryptids quests are a series known as Shear Terror! (arriving April 9) along with the Pioneer Scouts quests are a series referred to as Ever Upwards (Might 7). The scouts missions will offer you merit badges for completion.
    The Purveyor (May perhaps 23). This is a vendor exactly where players may possibly exchange and scrap legendary products. Each and every star rating on a legendary item for scrap increases the player's chance to buy Fallout 76 Caps have greater high-quality legendary gear.