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Madden 19 Zero Chill Ultimate Team Event Launches With Chad Johnson, Special Items
  • A brand new Madden 19 Ultimate Team occasion is officially underway and it plays into the theme in the coldest season. That just so takes place to be when NFL action heats up as teams are attempting to claim their playoff spots. In conjunction with all the new Madden 19 Zero Chill event, EA also unveiled a Pro-Bowl receiver along with a feared Bears defender as part of the campaign. Here's far more facts around the mut coin promotion following last month's Harvest Turkey Bowl.

    Madden 19 Zero Chill brings in Ochocinco
    The man synonymous together with the quantity 85 in the NFL is former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, Chad Johnson. He dubbed himself "Ochocinco" at one point and also had the nickname placed on the back of his jersey. He also scorched plenty of defenses throughout his on-field profession. Johnson tallied 10,783 receiving yards and 67 touchdowns for the duration of his career, like career-long TDs of 70-plus yards many occasions.

    EA's Madden Twitter account unveiled a 95 general Chad Johnson as part of the new "Zero Chill" promotion, as observed within the video below.

    What is the Madden 19 Zero Chill Campaign?
    The new occasion is part of the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) function inside the football game. Gamers will likely be capable to participate in particular challenges, obtain new things, or other content material by way of this promotion. As of December 7, the new Zero Chill officially launched. It incorporates star players with high ratings from the past and present. You'll find also presents because, just after all, this can be the holiday season.

    In Madden Ultimate Team, gamers make their own team featuring all-time legends or the best-of-the-best within the NFL now. You will discover approaches to upgrade MUT players. Then, Gamers can use their packed lineup to challenge other players and endeavor to dominate the field in Madden. Last month, there was a specific Thanksgiving-themed event called the Madden Harvest Turkey Bowl. It incorporated legends, Walter Payton and Lawrence Taylor, as well as particular challenges in conjunction with the holiday.

    As talked about above, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson arrived as one of the all-time players for December's promotion. There is also a legendary Chicago Bears defender as the mighty Dick Butkus is part of Zero Chill. Butkis comes with a 95 rating at the same time. Madden's new occasion, part of Ultimate Team, also has many of today's gridiron stars like the Colts' Andrew Luck, Patriots' Josh Gordon, and Jaguars' Leonard Fournette. See all of the available Zero Chill players here.

    EA Madden can also be teasing upcoming products or specific content for quite a few dates which includes December 10, 12, and 14. The system will continue through January 7, 2019, so be sure to acquire available and get cheap madden coin into those challenges or other tasks to participate!

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