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How big is the Atlas game map?
  • Atlas is definitely an ambitious massively multiplayer on the internet (MMO) game of practically unprecedented scale. So precisely how massive is the Atlas map compared with Grapeshot Games' other title Ark: Survival Evolved?

    Atlas is definitely the newest title released by Grapeshot Games, the maker on the action-adventure Ark: Survival Evolved game. Atlas is really a piracy game of apparently unprecedented scale - it really is mentioned to be in a position to accommodate 40,000 players at after. Released in December final year, Atlas remains an Early Access Game, even so this has not impacted around the sheer scale of the map.

    There is a great deal to help keep you occupied within the most recent release by Grapeshot Games, from sailing, civilisation-building and needless to say exploring among the list of largest-ever on the web game worlds.

    And you'll find obvious comparisons with Grapeshot's other title Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Ark: Survival proved preferred with players due to the quantity of factors to maintain you occupied.

    Gamers racked-up hundreds of hours traversing Ark's enormous map and nonetheless getting Atlas Gold Coins new factors to accomplish.

    And Atlas' map is even bigger, meaning gamers have a lot more to maintain them entertained.