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How to Get a Absolutely free Pig inside the Elder Scrolls Online
  • As a part of a month-long occasion named Suns Dawn, ZeniMax Online Studios is providing players the opportunity to claim a absolutely free pet in the Elder Scrolls: Online; the Pink Pearl Pig. This unique pig is uncommon in that it's going to only be offered as a part of this particular promotion. It won't ever develop into out there inside the Crown Shop inside the future.

    The Pink Pearl Pig: How you can Get This Totally free Pet inside the Elder Scrolls Online

    "Gift something unique for your fellow adventurers in February and you are going to acquire ESO Gold an exclusive pet!" announces ZeniMax Online Studios, just before going on to say about the pig; "The Pink Pearl Pig doesn't want meals, she wants adore."

    If you need to get a Pink Pearl Pig of the own, you need to take part in the Suns Dawn event, which began some days ago around the 1st of February. The event will end on the 1st of March at 7:00 AM GMT. To have the pig, you have to present Crown Store products to at least two various person accounts, having a total worth of at the least 1,000 Crowns. Note that this really is tracked by area and platform, so be sure you send your gifts to accounts which might be within the same region and around the identical platform. Do this, and you ought to acquire your Pink Pearl Pig when the promotion ends by the 13th of March.

    Note that to present a Crown Retailer item to a pal inside the Elder Scrolls: Online, you need to choose a specific selection before buying the game items inside the Crown Retailer. After you obtain the ideal item, pick out the "Purchase as Gift" solution. Immediately after that, you will need to put in their UserID, PSN ID, or Gamertag; whichever is proper for their platform of choice. Currently, a wide selection of products is often gifted inside the Crown Retailer, together with the exception of player homes.