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Final Fantasy XIV Now Free on Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime
  • Final Fantasy fanatics has to be ecstatic to know among their favourite long-time games is now offered and no cost to download on Twitch Prime. From now until May 3, Final Fantasy: XIV Starter Edition can be downloaded for free on PC at no price to you. There are a few accommodations gamers will receive after they download this action-filled game onto their PC. The Starter Edition will incorporate the base game, that will let users to play up through level 50.

    One more bonus customers will receive can be a absolutely free 30 day subscription to Final Fantasy: XIV. To obtain a cost-free download of your game, go onto Twitch's web page and click the crown-shaped Prime Loot icon. With Twitch Prime games, Final Fantasy: XIV is going to buy FFXIV Gil be yours to maintain forever immediately after being downloaded, on the other hand it's important to subscribe and be an official member after the absolutely free 30 day period ends to continue playing. Make the most of this give before May 3, that may be when this game will no longer be obtainable free for PC customers.

    For some background context for newbie Final Fantasy players, "The world was initial introduced to Final Fantasy in 1987, when a scrappy company named SquareSoft put together a Dragon Quest ripoff filled with dwarves, elves, robots, volcanoes, and underwater temples. Because the legend goes, creator Hironobu Sakaguchi known as it Final Fantasy since it was based on Tolkienesque fantasy novels..." Hironobu also anticipated it to be the last game he developed, if it did not do properly. As you may see, for over 15 years Final fantasy has been played and enjoyed by millions of members, so not surprisingly it succeeded.

    Final Fantasy: XIV's next expansion, Shadowbringers, was recently confirmed by Square Enix to become launched on PS4 and Computer on July 2. This extended feature will introduce cool new dungeons, environments, and classes. For much more info on the Gun Breaker plus the fan festival in Paris, head on over to our coverage and check Final Fantasy XIV Gil out. Additional games customers can download are Pikuniku, Dear Ester: Landmark Edition, and several more just before February 28. Verify out Square Enix's internet site for a lot more information around the matter.