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Fortnite: ways to destroy Ice Fiends and harm Ice Legion
  • Over the weekend, the Ice Storm in-game occasion began in Fortnite, bringing with it some new challenges.

    The Ice King unleashed an icy storm around the map, which is now covered in snow. New challenges unlock every single day and if you comprehensive all 13 challenges you'll be rewarded with the Winter's Thorn Glider. As an incentive, you'll also obtain Fortnite items the Blue Metallic Wrap after you have completed six of the Ice Storm challenges.

    The Ice Fiends and Brutes spawn in the Ice Shards, so do not destroy the Shards immediately or else you'll need to move somewhere else to be able to comprehensive the challenges. Ice Shard places are randomised in each and every map and glow bright blue, so they are not too hard to locate.

    Your best chance of acquiring one particular is either heading to on the list of 4 corners on the map as there are going to be fewer players there, but beware the collapsing circle. Besides that, try running down the river within the middle from the map like you'd with a Loot Llama.

    Destroy Ice Fiends
    You'll really need to defeat 250 Ice Fiends for this challenge. These zombie-like creatures spawn near Ice Shards, so concentrate on defeating them and their brethren instead of trying to destroy the Shard.

    You could make great use of traps when fighting the horde, at the same time as working with Automatic or Explosive Weapons like a Rocket Launcher. Provided that one more challenge involves utilizing Explosive weapons, we'd go with all the latter.

    Deal harm with Explosive Weapons for the Ice Legion
    You'll need to inflict 5000 harm around the Ice Legion for this challenge. Never be daunted by the number; if there is a large group of Ice Fiends and Brutes kicking around, you'd be surprised by how much harm you can do working with a Grenade Launcher.

    Destroy Ice Brutes
    These guys are the bigger, hardier brothers from the Ice Fiends. Defeating them demands substantially a lot more firepower, so ensure you can Fortnite Weapons like a Shotgun equipped and maybe leave a Trap nearby for extra harm. You are going to really need to take out 100 of these terrible boys to complete this challenge, as they spawn much less regularly than the Fiends.

    You'll discover Ice Brutes close towards the Ice Shard, accompanied by a bunch of Ice Fiends.

    Deal Damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols towards the Ice Legion
    This challenge is quite straightforward, offered that Pistols and Assault rifles are readily readily available. You are going to must inflict 10,000 damage for the Ice Legion applying Assault Rifles or Pistols. It is possible to be quickly overwhelmed by a big horde, so attempt tackling this challenge inside a Duo or as a part of a Squad.

    When you manage to discover a Heavy Assault Rifle, you can take a few actions back and just mow down enemies quite easily.