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Path of Exile PlayStation 4 version has been delayed once again
  • Grinding Gear Games have confirmed that Path of Exile PlayStation 4 version might be delayed to mid-March 2019 as they posted a tweet reminding the fans that their earlier announcement integrated estimates and not exact launch dates.

    PlayStation 4 version of Path of Exile was announced back in November 2018 and was supposed to buy poe currency be released about a month later, in December. It was then delayed, exactly where Grinding Gear Games stated it would come in "early February 2019" but this did not turn out to become the case either.

    Because the developers are calling the preceding announcement an estimate so technically, this was not a delay but it signifies small towards the fans that are waiting. On the vibrant side, Grinding Gear Games are now close adequate in to the improvement that they will project release dates with additional accuracy.

    For that reason, 19 February 2019 will have the official expansion announcement, which will launch on 08 March 2019 for PC. It is going to launch three days later, on 11 March 2019 for Xbox One and finally sooner or later in mid-March 2019 for PlayStation 4. There's still no precise date for PS4 although.

    Using the level of new content Grinding Gear Games continually add to Path of Exile, it truly is no wonder a release gets poe items delayed from time to time. While the scenario is not best for PlayStation four owners, it is nevertheless way far better than paying a complete AAA price tag to get a shooter game after which wait a couple of months till its battle royale gets released.

    Meanwhile, Path of Exile is not exactly a demanding game when it comes to PC needs and due to the fact just about everyone owns some sort of a PC in their household nowadays, fans who are anxious to offer it a shot on PS4 can actually do so very first on Pc.

    Path of Exile can be a free to play game, so there's no entry barrier. Considering that mid-March date range is less than a month away in the time of writing, it's secure to say that Grinding Gear Games are usually not going to postpone the launch once once more.