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    The obvious problem with this is, how do we decide which memes
    qualify for this? I don think allowing everyone to submit as many memes
    as they want and having us try to sort through them is a good way to do
    that. Nor is it really the "reddit way" of doing things, moderators
    shouldn personally be deciding what to allow on a subreddit.

    This is actual fake news. Acosta didn put his hands on anyone. Trump
    interrupted Acosta, not the other way around. In terms of body language,
    it was far less aggressive than how she tried to snatch the mic from
    him.So I will get acknowledged by Devs by doing what I done 17 years
    gaming prior to the last 2 or so years, suddenly, despite getting
    ignored all that time? Interesting.

    This is far far far from the first time Acosta acted without decorum
    as a part of the press core. He badgers pretty much anyone he interviews
    regardless if they questions that need to be asked. They were itching
    for any reason to get rid of him and frankly I believe they were hoping
    for just such an occasion to take place.

    Nah. I can take abuse, but reporting/ignoring always comes after the
    fact, so if I were really sensitive to it it doesn change shit. And I
    don want to put things in your mouth, so I give you the benefit of the
    doubt here, but incase you meant "reporting improves the community
    noticeably for everybody", that be very naiive. Not to mention that, for
    a second time now, punishments are way too toothless, so their learn
    effect isn high, and even if they are hefty as in xQcs case the often
    don really matter in the long run.

    The other thing we could do is occasionally take the top post on
    /r/swgalaxyofmemes and post it here. This would require people to use
    that subreddit though.A lot of the memes that get posted and removed are
    very, very terrible and even the "pro meme" people would be happy they
    were removed.I think, in general, this will always fall under the
    "people will be angry either way" section of subreddit issues as when we
    allowed memes the opposite of this post was made all the time asking
    for them to be removed.

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