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Massive Modifications to the Map within the Fortnite's Ice Storm Event
  • A huge ice orb appeared in Fortnite early last week, hovering more than the Polar Peaks, and lots of speculated that it was a part of the reside events leading as much as Season 8. They were appropriate.

    On Friday afternoon last week, the ice orb became a sizable clock, and quickly exploded, enabling the Ice King to cover the entire map with snow, turning Fortnite's green playground into a Winter Wonderland. Ok, a Winter Wonderland with ice zombies.

    Not content with transforming the entire map, the Ice King has also been busy creating a brand new kind of zombie known as "Ice Fiends". These icy imbeciles is usually discovered gathered in different locations around the map, and defeating them will count towards the Ice Storm Challenge, which when completed will reward you using a Winter-themed glider and also a cosmetic item.

    The ice orb shenanigans are reminiscent of Kevin, the mysterious cube who spent a couple of weeks inside the Fortnite's skies, ahead of pulling the players into a rift and transforming a part of the map.

    A brand new item called Sneaky Snowman was naturally teased with an in-game message over the weekend as well - so we count on that to hit the game soon.

    In the event you haven't had a possibility to jump into Fortnite this weekend, it appears like it truly is worth trying as a result of the modifications in the map. If you are here, why not verify out all we know about Season 8 so far. You may also buy Fortnite Items on line to play the game now!