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We Attempted Final Fantasy XIV's Limited Edition Fried Chicken from Japan
  • Final month, Square Enix announced a collaboration together with the Japanese comfort retailer chain Lawson to make a restricted edition Final Fantasy XIV version of your company's well known Karaage-kun brand of fried chicken.

    Since here at Twinfinite we're all about severe investigative journalism, we flew each of the strategy to Tokyo to taste this marvelous creation with our personal taste buds.

    Each Final Fantasy XIV Karaage-kun Limit Break Flavor pack involves five nuggets of fried chicken, or Karaage as it really is named in Japan. One nugget in 700 also comes using a special Meteor logo branded on its golden surface, but we weren't so lucky.

    The complete description from the flavor is "burnt garlic oil" which is typically named Mayu in Japan, and it really is typically utilized in ramen to give it that garlicky flavor which numerous know and adore.

    Every single pack expenses 216 yen taxes integrated, which translates into significantly less than $2. As it is possible to see within the video below, each time you obtain Game Gold a single, you happen to be greeted with Final Fantasy XIV's victory fanfare straight in the cash register.

    In accordance with Square Enix, the flavor's creation was supervised by the Final Fantasy XIV development and promoting team, and they did a pretty superior job.

    The little golden nuggets include a garlicky undertone, and if you are weak to spicy food, they are likely to truly break the limit. They are pretty hot, which is not as well surprising thinking about that the standard golden colour of karaage is tinted with red.

    It really is certainly a nice treat for the winter, and Japanese players can eat nine packages (or combine several with Wilkinson and Wonda drinks) to win a Black Fat Chocobo mount.

    If you want to understand far more about Final Fantasy XIV, you could check out the most recent trailer for update 4.five which has recently been released. If you are serious about a further thing that Japanese fans get and we don't, you'll be able to study concerning the themed weddings which will be available quickly at a wedding hall in Kobe.

    Final Fantasy XIV is at present accessible for PS4 and Pc. Gamers can buy FFXIV Gil at with all the cheapest price and fast delivery to play the game now.