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Blizzard Sets the Plans For World of Warcraft Esports for 2019
  • Blizzard has set their plans for World of Warcraft's 2019 e-sports events. The organization has announced the return from the Arena World Championship in 2019, as well because the former Mythic Dungeon Invitational as Mythic Dungeon International.

    The Arena World Championship will offer wow items two Arena seasons for North America and European regions, a single in the spring and one particular within the summer season, with six cups per season. The cups will feature a prize pool of $10,000 and points for season placement, and also the very first cup will start on February 8th. Registration has begun and can be ended at 10 am PT on January 28th.

    Simultaneously, the Asia Pacific, China and Latin America is not going to have seasons, but will comply with a cup format with registrations for each region (Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Australia/New Zealand, China, and Latin America) starting later this year.

    These events will eventually finish in the Arena World Championship Finals at the finish of this year, assuming at BlizzCon. Invitations will probably be extended to the initial place winners from NA and EU Season 1, the initial and second place from NA and EU Summer Finals, the highest income earners from NA and prime revenue earners from the EU, as well as the winners from China, Asia Pacific and Latin America finals.

    Meanwhile, the Mythic Dungeon International will likely be divided into two places: MDI East (China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Australia/New Zealand) and MDI West (North America, Latin America and Europe). MDI is open to any five-person group in WoW. From February 26th to March 12th, the group desires a Level 5 and 14 Mythic Keystone Dungeon to enter the time trial pool. This approach will repeat the second season. MDI rewards $12,000 per cup and $100,000 at the finish with the season. The LAN event will span the region among MDI East and MDI West.

    The prize pool in the tournament are going to be partially crowdfunded by way of a portion of sales from two new in-game toys to become announced.

    The 2019 Arena World Championship is going to be the 12th iteration in the World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena e-sports event. The Process Orange team won the 2018 AWC Finals and earned a $120,000 of a $280,000 prize pool. Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up to buy wow gold and join the events now!